City Health Tech’s vision is a world without disease outbreaks. They believe that user-centered design, first-class technology, and community engagement is the means to prevent the spread of diseases in cities and other vulnerable communities. Through its innovative hand washing product Opal, City Health Tech is committed to promoting disease prevention in cities worldwide. City Health Tech was co-founded by Irewole Akande and Ibraheem Alinur.

CRTSIDE is a direct-to-consumer basketball marketplace designed to promote athletes, monetize content, and generate fan affinity. The founding team of former Division 1 athletes are building a platform to elevate basketball athletes and their fans worldwide. CRTSIDE was co-founded by Brandon Smith, Dameon Mason, and Aaron Green.

CulturePilot is an AI-powered app that uses your phone’s built-in camera to recognize objects of interest and immediately provide curated audio and text content. CulturePilot empowers museums, artists, cities, and other organizations to create this content for visitors without worrying about building and maintaining the technology behind it. They give users the confidence to explore and travel like a local. CulturePilot was co-founded by Barbara Kuofie and Mariyam Khalid.

Cyber Pop-up is an on-demand cybersecurity platform making cyber expertise accessible to SMBs. Cyber Pop-up's founder, Dr. Christine Izuakor, is the first Black woman in the United States to earn a Ph.D. in Security Engineering and is primed to capture market share in the highly in-demand $100B cybersecurity industry.

E3 Radio is a media platform and online radio station showcasing queer music & reporting on queer news with an intersectional lens. Their new mobile app The Qube is a curated app of music and podcasts by Black, Brown, & QTPOC (Queer & Trans People Of Color) creatives. With their pillars to educate, empower, and entertain, E3 Radio seeks to uplift the voices that currently don’t get airtime. E3 Radio was founded by Anna DeShawn.

Eventnoire is the premiere platform for event planners, organizations, and marketers that celebrate and embrace Black culture. Eventnoire offers software solutions for event registration, event management, mobile apps for events, and email marketing. Their unique platform serves as a resource for event hosts who influence Black culture to monetize their influence and receive commissions from ticket fees. Eventnoire was co-founded by Jeff Osuji and Femi Masha.

ExpandHR is building onboarding confidence from day one as a one-stop shop for small businesses to streamline employee onboarding, payroll, compliance, health tracking, and more. ExpandHR’s mission is to be the HR partner for business owners who desire to grow their teams and revenue, build efficient processes, and develop an engaged work environment safely and effectively. ExpandHR was co-founded by Delmar Johnson and Shayna Atkins.

Let’s Link views the sharing economy as the new frontier of luxury commerce. Let's Link combines the physical properties of luxury shopping with digital solutions creating an entirely new shopping experience. With its mobile app, Let’s Link focuses on face-to-face peer transactions of rare streetwear and high fashion goods in the safest manner possible. Their mission is to disrupt the secondary luxury market. Let’s Link was founded by Justice Moore.

Roomii is a consumer-focused marketplace that enables users to lease out furniture while helping others furnish spaces short-term with quality pre-owned furniture. Roomii’s founder, Dapo Kolawole, spent the last 20 years in the commercial furniture industry as a product development engineer and is working to build the pre-owned furniture sharing economy.

Staj allows users to find local arts events anywhere in the world. They help artists and event organizers streamline their business by using an interactive event management platform. Staj’s goal is to connect artists and art lovers worldwide. Staj’s technology increases the engagement and interaction between art lovers in their local communities and increases artists’ and event organizers' earning power and revenue potential. Staj was co-founded by Joshua Ross and Daniel Pulley.


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