We are equalizing opportunity for underrepresented founders. We provide equitable access to 'Friends & Family' capital to launch brilliant, untapped ideas.

The Problem

Due to centuries of systemic inequities, there is a racial wealth gap in America: White families have 7x more wealth than Black families, and White-led businesses have access to 37x more startup financing.

The Present

There are numerous later stage VC funds aiming to close the funding gap for underrepresented founders. However, these founders often need an earlier investment to grow and reach these later stages.

The Future

We provide a 'Friends & Family' investment to underrepresented founders. Donations and support from the grassroots community create an evergreen fund that will empower entrepreneurs for generations to come.

Let the numbers tell the story.

Percent of Funding by Ethnicity of Founders

Middle Eastern
Source: Diversity in US Startups report - RateMyInvestor & Silicon Valley Bank

Average outside equity at founding

The average Black-owned business has around $500 of outside equity, whereas the average White-owned business has more than $18,500 from outside equity at founding.

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